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Daily Bet 10/24/23

In this one we are going to be going back to the well that we saw great success with. After we took the Ottawa Senators against the Washington Capitals and they won in emphatic fashion (6-1), we are moving back to take the Ottawa Senators on the three-way money line here (tie included) which is valued at 1.90/-110.

The line movement is favoring the home team coming off a tough loss to a hot Red Wings, while the Sabers are coming off a loss to a middle of the road Montreal Canadiens. The Sabers are on my model a lower scoring efficiency side in comparison to the Senators, and my implied odds for this is 1.87/-115. There is more risk taking the three-way money line, but this game favors the rested Senators and not the Sabers who had a very physical 1-3 loss last night.

Listed Play
Ottawa Senators 3-way ML @ $2.00/+100

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